Monday, 12 November 2012

Go away Anonymous

People Hate You Anonymous Leave Us Alone! >:(

This Little Girl Wants Anonymous To Stop Just Stop It Anonymous

See Anonymous Just STOP Them Two Girls Don't Want You To Hack Ether!

Kids Comments!

                         Kids Comments

Hey,Nicki My Name Is George Im 10 Years Old I Was On Msp Oneday Then I Saw Anonymous I Didn't Know There Was Such Things As Hackers...Or..Hacking,So I Said OMG HAHA LOOK AT THAT WEIRD CHICK THERE I THINK SHE IS MENTAL IN THE HEAD LOL xD But Then Her Face Turned Angry And She Said You Wont Be Lathing When I Hack You Will You Now You Silly Fool Don't Such a Idiot Will You Just Then After 5 Minutes Of That Comment I Saw the Logging Out Sign On Moviestarplanet I Logged Back On A Quick a Lighting  But Boom To Fast....I Had The Most Weirdest Status Ever It Said Hacked By Anonymous -Nobody Is Safe- ;D My T-Shirt Was Off I Had A Purple Bun On Even Know I Was A Boy...Black Pants And A Purple Hat I Was Very Shocked I Was Level 5 VIP Judge But When I Logged On I Was Level 0 And I Wasn't VIP Or Judge I Was Nothing But A Ugly Boy I Was Called 'George**800' I Have A New Account Now Im Only VIP Though Im Level 3 Im Called 'George**900' So..If Your Cool And Not Anonymous Add Me Okay Thankyou For Listening Bye (Written By George Belgrade)

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Anonymous! ;D

Hi, I'm Lily I'm On Msp I'm Called NickiMinaj0945 I Heard About A Hacker Named Anonymous I Heard That She Hacks Little Children On Moviestarplanet She Leaves On There Status...'Hacked By Anonymous -Nobody Is Safe- ;D' This Is No Joke Watch This Video Called Anonymous-True Story And See...What You Think!
 See Hu...What Did You Think Of It She Is A Very Nasty Hacker She Is Not Just One Person She Is a Team As Very Mean Team!!! Its No a Joke Its TRUE!