Monday, 12 November 2012

Kids Comments!

                         Kids Comments

Hey,Nicki My Name Is George Im 10 Years Old I Was On Msp Oneday Then I Saw Anonymous I Didn't Know There Was Such Things As Hackers...Or..Hacking,So I Said OMG HAHA LOOK AT THAT WEIRD CHICK THERE I THINK SHE IS MENTAL IN THE HEAD LOL xD But Then Her Face Turned Angry And She Said You Wont Be Lathing When I Hack You Will You Now You Silly Fool Don't Such a Idiot Will You Just Then After 5 Minutes Of That Comment I Saw the Logging Out Sign On Moviestarplanet I Logged Back On A Quick a Lighting  But Boom To Fast....I Had The Most Weirdest Status Ever It Said Hacked By Anonymous -Nobody Is Safe- ;D My T-Shirt Was Off I Had A Purple Bun On Even Know I Was A Boy...Black Pants And A Purple Hat I Was Very Shocked I Was Level 5 VIP Judge But When I Logged On I Was Level 0 And I Wasn't VIP Or Judge I Was Nothing But A Ugly Boy I Was Called 'George**800' I Have A New Account Now Im Only VIP Though Im Level 3 Im Called 'George**900' So..If Your Cool And Not Anonymous Add Me Okay Thankyou For Listening Bye (Written By George Belgrade)

Other Kids Comments Next Week! :)

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